Catmouse Apk: Entertainment life is the new life for everyone where users want to enjoy watching movies, series, shows, and much more. The quest for searching or finding online videos to stream is increasing day by day with a huge number. Devices like Android phone, PC, Firestick has become a new source for streaming movies and shows.

So, we are here with another trending app called Catmouse. I know the name seems to be funny and unique, too, but don’t go with the name.

Apps like Terrarium TV now Cyberflix TV are known to everyone, but the catmouse app is also a great application to stream multiple videos.

What is Catmouse?

Many of you already know about the famous app which was shut down last year, i.e., Terrarium TV. After that, so many apps were launched, but very few people only knew about the catmouse app.

It’s an on-demand movie and shows an application that delivers lots of online videos to you. You can stream any such videos you like and watch the content in various devices like PC, Android, Firestick.

You get to watch the shows in HD quality, which is the best part of the catmouse apk. It offers you a lot of genres in which you can decide yourself which one you would like to watch.

Moreover, there are so many languages available in which you can stream and enjoy the content. Also, subtitles are there for easy understanding.

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Features of Catmouse Apk

For the fun and entertainment, you should surely check out the app and explore more by yourself. Let’s know the great features of this app, which you must go through it.

No Ads

One of the best features you can get on any application, i.e., with no ads running in the background for sure. We all hate ads when it pops up while streaming the videos, which spoils our mood.

Lots of Content To Stream

It has unlimited movies and shows to watch on their database, which will never make you bore, and you can stream it anytime. Lots of videos are there of different genres from which you can select your favorite one and stream it for free of cost.


The user interface is friendly, which means you can easily search for anything related to shows and movies. You won’t face any such issues while navigating or doing clicks as no ads are available for any pop-ups.

Different Media Player

Catmouse apk runs on a sophisticated default media player, but while streaming, you can stream with other options such as MX Player and VLC. In this way, you can increase your experience of watching videos with a great media player.

HD Videos

We all want videos to be in HD qualities so that we can enjoy watching every bit of the snap. If videos are not HD, nobody will prefer to view any content. So, that’s why the developers have made the point to make the videos available in HD formats. Moreover, you can choose your resolution as per your convenience.

Very Fast

The app is speedy compared to other apps like Solex tv apk, exousia apk, and also takes a small space on your storage to run the app. You can simply install the apk file and stream your favorite content that you want to watch.


If you are bound with an internet connection or save your internet data, then you can download various videos for free. In this way, you can watch videos later on without any internet connection. You can download fast and in a safe way to save your data and time.

Autoplay & Reminder

The autoplay feature is incredible and very much helpful when you watch tv shows. As you don’t have to click to watch other episodes, it will automatically jump to other episodes after finishing the previous one. Also, you get a feature to set a reminder so that you can refresh the latest shows and movies in the future. Once you set it, you will get notified with new videos.

Fresh Content

The application is free of cost, and you don’t have to spend any single penny out of your pocket for watching shows. Make sure you are updated with the latest version so that you can watch the fresh content.

No Registrations

The unique feature of catmouse apk is that you don’t have to register yourself to watch any sort of content. Only you have to install the apk file on your android phone, and you are good to go for enjoying the latest videos.

Catmouse App Info

App Name Catmouse
Developers Catmouse Team
Latest Version 2.3
Category Movies & Shows
App Requirement Android 4.1 or later
App size 8.6 Mb


Download Links

Installation Instructions

Installing Catmouse is very easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Settings App of your Android Device.
  2. Tap on Security and then check “Unknown Sources” under Device Administration.
  3. Now Install Catmouse Apk that you downloaded from the Download Links above.

Read our Step to Step guide on Installing Android Apps on PC.

  1. So, first of all, download and install the Bluestacks for pc from official site.
  2. Now, Download the Catmouse Apk.
  3. Double Click on Catmouse Apk to install it in Bluestack. Enjoy!

Only works for users with Android Smartphone, other users please read the detailed guide.

  1. On your Fire TV Stick, Navigate to Settings >> Device and Check ADB DEBUGGING and APPS FROM UNKOWN SOURCES.
  2. Download Catmouse Apk and install Easy Fire Tools.
  3. Run Easy Fire Tools, click on the Scan icon on top and Connect with your Fire TV Stick.
  4. Navigate to "Apps" tab in Easy Fire Stick tools and install Catmouse.
  5. Catmouse will be installed on your Fire TV stick shortly.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a catmouse apk?

It’s an application that is meant for Android, PC, Firestick devices where you can watch fresh movies and shows by streaming it online, and you don’t have to pay or register yourself.

Is it a safe application?

Yes, it is a safe app to install and watch content online. If you think that it will still any of your information, then that’s not the case. No malicious virus is there on the catmouse so that you can rely on it.

Do I need to root the android system?

No, you don’t have to perform any rooting. If someone tells you to root the device, then don’t believe them.

Can I run on multiple devices?

Yes, 100%, you can run it. For now, you can run it on Android, PC, Firestick. You can follow the guidelines listed above from the page.

What about the subtitles?

There are several contents available in different native languages which you can stream and enjoy.

What are the best alternatives to the catmouse app?

There are many alternatives available for the catmouse app, but we recommend Cyberflix tv, movie HD, exousia.


We hope that you loved the post about the catmouse apk. The users who are in love with movies and shows should try catmouse app. From now onwards, you can make your entertainment life a memorable one with so many fresh videos.

If you have any problem with the app, you can comment and elaborate on your issue. Also, do not forget to share your experiences with the catmouse. Happy streaming!

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  • Used cat Mouse starting years ago worked flawlessly in the last year cannot get it to work went out bought a new smart 50 inch Vizio have Amazon Fire stick Roku streaming Plus stick running VPN redbird acc spelt wrong but yeah connected any ideas have uninstalled reinstalled as far as unlocking Amazon Fire stick I figured that one out for 5 years ago so yeah that’s done can’t figure out what it is any help would be gratefully appreciated thanks all