Moviebox – Best Alternatives of Movie Box

What is MovieBox?

Movie box is one of the best streaming application in today’s world. It allows streaming HD quality movies and TV shows through which you can enjoy every movie for free.

It is available for all the platforms like Android, PC, Windows, Laptop, Mac, and iOS. Moreover, here you can watch every type of shows and movies. There are more than 30+ genres which are an amazing feature of this app.

movie box

The features of the movie box are to the great extent. Each feature is having its own uniqueness. This app is completely free of cost you don’t need to spend a single penny from your pocket.

Sorry to say,” Movie Box Apk is not working anymore. It has been shut down.

Some Best Movie Box Alternatives

As I already mentioned movie box apk is not working anymore. So, I have some best alternatives for movie box through which you can download and watch movies and TV shows for free and enjoy it.

Features of Alternatives

Moviebox app is a great app with great features which will amaze you by having experience. It features are totally different from others apps.

  1. Updates – A very important feature which keeps your app updated with latest features so that you can enjoy it.
    Most of the apps do not provide update facility which decreases the reputation of the app and hence no one likes it. MovieBox app having this facility so that users don’t face any trouble.
  1. Free – This feature is what everyone likes and the movie box is free of cost. You don’t need to pay for anything from your credit/debit card to get this app.
  1. Varieties – You will get here a lot of varieties of shows and movies like of every category romance, action, adventure, thriller, sci-fi and even a more.
  1. Download – You are allowed to watch it for free and also you can download the movies and shows for free. Or you can set it as “Watch it Later”.
  1. User-Friendly – It is a user-friendly app which is very simple to use. Nothing very hard is there to use. Simple commands are there so that every user can operate it and use it.
  1. Publicize Or Share – You can share your favorite videos and tv shows within your friend circle so that they can also know about it and can enjoy.
  1. No Sign-up – Once you installed this app you can directly move to watch movies and shows. You don’t have to register on this app. Simply install and enjoy.
  1. Notifications – You will also get notifications on every update, new tv shows, upcoming movies, trailers released and what not. It is a very helpful feature so that you never miss anything.
  1. Streaming Quality – You can stream videos in HD quality like 480p, 720p, 1080p. You should have a good internet connection so that your device doesn’t lag while watching your favorite contents.
  1. Filters – A filter is there so that you can easily find movies and tv shows according, you have filtered it. It helps a lot because you don’t have to search for movies which you want to watch.

Here are some alternatives:-

Coto Movies(Bobby Movies)

It is a free movie and tv show application for Android devices. Unlimited shows and programs are there which you can explore with just one click.

To make searching for movies and shows it gives you a filter option. Using this option you can search on basis of categories like comedy, romance, drama and many more.

It is a permanent source of watching movies and tv shows for free.


Mobdro is an application by which you can stream live channels, watch different TV shows, movies, news, sports and a lot more.

People from different countries can also watch as it available in different languages. You can stream any content in HD quality like 480p,720p, and 1080p.

It also supports Chromecast which is a great feature.

Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is a world-famous app for watch movies, Tv shows, and other video programs. It is having a lot of features that will keep you amazed.

You can download the latest videos and shows for free. You can run it on various platforms like Android, PC, Mac and more. Genres like action, drama, thriller, adventure, romance you get in Cartoon HD.

Movie HD

Another amazing app is Movie HD through which you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows.

A huge collection of videos you will get here through you explore different types of movies and Tv shows.

This app is free and anyone can download and install it. You can even watch it on PC, Android, Firestick, Mac, Windows and more.

Terrarium TV

It is a popular application which lets you stream movies and TV shows for free. You can download and search for videos using filters.

It is also available on many devices like Android, PC, firestick, iOS, Mac and a lot more. Here, you can find a lot of movies which you can watch with your friends and family.

OneBox HD

Onebox HD is an application for watching movies and shows. It is the best app for kids and family members to enjoy free shows.

Moreover, it is compatible with other devices like Android, PC, Mac, iOS and a lot more. Its features are amazing which will always keep you amazed. The most important thing is that it is free of cost.


I hope these free apps have helped you a lot to watch movies and tv shows. Now you can watch any movies and tv shows for free. These are some top rated alternatives of movie box.

If you have any queries related to the movie box and its alternatives then you can mention your doubt in the comment section. We will together sort it out.

So, thank you, readers, for spending your time and enjoy your favorite movies and shows with these apps.

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