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Sep 20, 2023
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The Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod is a must-have addition for any racing game enthusiast in India. This incredibly popular mod completely transforms regular racing games by adding a wide selection of Indian cars that can be driven on realistic Indian road conditions.

With the help of this 3D mod, players can get behind the wheel of their favorite Indian cars like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Hindustan Motors, and experience what it's truly like to drive them on Indian streets and highways. The mod provides an exceptionally realistic and immersive driving experience that captures the unique thrill and challenges of navigating through congested Indian road conditions.

Installing the Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod is relatively simple and easy. It usually involves downloading the mod files online and then copying them into the game's install folder. Detailed installation instructions are provided on the mod's page.

Once installed, you are all set to enjoy driving beautiful renditions of popular Indian cars with realistic controls and physics. The mod can completely transform the vanilla racing game and provide countless hours of exciting driving challenges on accurately simulated Indian road conditions.

Features Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod

The Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod comes packed with some amazing features that help deliver an incredibly immersive experience.

  • Over 50+ beautifully modeled Indian cars covering hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, luxury cars, vintage cars, and more. Players can drive around in their favorite Ambassadors, Premier Padminis, Maruti 800s, and modern SUVs.

  • Realistic driving physics tailored for Indian roads. The cars handle in a believable way over bumpy roads, traffic, potholes, and varying road conditions.

  • Detailed 3D models for popular Indian highways, freeways, rural roads, city streets, etc. The environments are impressively accurate and bring the roads of India to life.

  • Singleplayer career mode with racing events, challenges, storylines, vehicle upgrades etc. Progress from amateur racer to pro.

  • Multiplayer mode to race against friends online on realistic Indian road conditions.

  • Car customization features like paint jobs, body kits, rims, interior mods and more for popular Indian cars. Give your car a unique look.

  • Realistic Indian car sounds recorded from real vehicles. Adds to the authenticity.

  • Support for steering wheels and other controllers for super responsive driving experience.


The Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod delivers an authentic and super enjoyable gameplay experience by letting you do everything you'd expect in a racing game while exclusively using Indian cars on Indian roads.

Here's a quick look at the gameplay:

  • Driving the cars is an absolute blast. Each vehicle has been tuned to deliver realistic handling and performance on a variety of Indian road conditions. You can feel the suspension bouncing over potholes or wobbling over speed breakers.

  • Tackle exciting driving challenges like time trials, dash events, deliveries, coastal runs, slalom driving, and more. The challenges are based in real Indian locales.

  • Progress through the singleplayer career mode to unlock new events, cars, upgrades and earn reputation as a pro driver. The story and events are based in India.

  • Car physics simulation makes the cars behave realistically. You can mod and tune the cars for better performance. Upgrades affect driving realistically.

  • The multiplayer mode lets you race other real players online. Compete in traditional laps races or crazy dash and drift events on Indian roads.

  • Use the extensive car customization system to mod your cars visually and performance-wise. Change paint colors, add body kits and performance parts, tune the gearbox, and more.

  • Apply realistic damage to the vehicles. Fenders bend, glass shatters, bumpers scratch etc. just as it would in real life.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod:

  • When driving on bumpy Indian roads, avoid taking corners at high speed to prevent skidding off or crashing. Slow down and steer smoothly.

  • Scan the road ahead and plan for obstacles like potholes or speed breakers. Time your braking and acceleration carefully.

  • When racing other players online, take tricky lines and use local knowledge of Indian road conditions to get ahead.

  • Use speedbreaker ramps and slopes by the roadside to launch your car into the air for a temporary boost of speed.

  • Customize cars with stiff suspensions and heavy frames for better stability on uneven Indian roads. Soft suspension causes wobbling.

  • Install new gearboxes with closer ratios for fast acceleration out of corners or traffic. Tune gearing to suit Indian road conditions.

  • For rear-wheel drive cars, avoid sudden throttle during corners else the rear will swing out. Control drifts using subtle throttle modulation.

  • When customizing cars, choose parts and kits that are road legal in India. Cops will chase you if the car isn't road legal.


The Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod is the ultimate way for racing game enthusiasts to experience the joy of Indian automobiles in all their glory. The incredibly detailed 3D models and realistic driving physics bring these iconic Indian cars to life like never before while letting you tackle white-knuckle challenges on accurately represented Indian roads.

With future plans to add even more cars, road networks, driving events and online multiplayer modes, this mod is only going to get bigger and better. Whether you are a fan of Ambassadors, Maruti 800s, Hindustan Contessas, or modern SUVs, the Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod is a must-have to fulfil your Indian car fantasies.

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